Commission a bespoke piece of art

Art for You Personally

It’s always a huge honour for me to create bespoke artwork for a home or a work place. So if you are interested in commissioning a piece of art, thank you for considering me. I particularly love working with clients to produce a painting that is perfect for them and find the process really meaningful.

Send me the email and I will get back to you with a proposal and a quote as soon as possible.

I am also happy to talk over Skype or phone to discuss your requirements further

Please see below for the step by step process of Commissioning Art

The Process of Commissioning Art

In order to prepare a commission proposal and a quote, I will need to chat with you - 

1. What size would you like your painting?  Measure the space where it will go.  Put up sheets of newspaper there to visualise the artwork size.

2. What style of work would you like? 

3. Portrait or Landscape?

4. Canvas or Paper?

5. Write a little description of what you would like and specifically what you like about my paintings.

You might want to mention things like colours and mark making that most appeals to you.