Medium - Oil Paint on Canvas

Abstract Style

Size – 190cm x 141cm (75 x 55 inches)

Artist – Doulene Walker

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

To transport – it will be removed from frame and carefully rolled and placed in a tube for transport


“My Beautiful Life”


My Beautiful Life is a journey through a valley.  A valley of earthly beauty.  Grounded by the earths’ colours which are bold, strong and protective and interspersed with the beauty of nature; feminine, soft and nurturing.

My journey with this painting started out on my studio floor with this huge piece of canvas.  I had to use a 1 meter long handle with my brushes to obtain a distant perspective.  My love of the colour Burnt Sienna started off the direction of colours.  I have used some of my favourite colour combinations with the magenta hues and siennas.

As I created this painting over many weeks, it took me on a really beautiful journey.  I appreciated so much of my life whilst I explored the many layers.  I used many different techniques and used a wide variety of tools.

I hope that this journey can be yours to look at and find peace and love in every day. 


This large original painting has been created over many months.  The oil paint medium means that much patience is required whilst layer upon layer dry, ready for the next layer to be born.

With many translucent layers, you can see the under layers peeking through to reveal the story of the painting.


My Beautiful Life