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I'm Doulene Walker, a Mother and an Artist

Art is an avenue - it is a channel for our thoughts, our feelings and our desires.  

Like life, it gets messy, it gets frustrating.  You love it and you hate it.   One minute you're creating masterpieces, the next you're throwing down the brushes.

Like life, it is unpredictable and like life, that is what makes it so beautiful.

Join me on this journey - immerse yourself with your thoughts, enjoy art for everything that it is and that it stands for.  If you are here to enjoy my art in your home, or here to learn from me, take a piece of me with you.  


Organic Mark Making

An affordable Online Course to help you create your own unique art.

Own this course for life

Immediate access


Make Organic Tools & Paintbrushes

Free Online Course

Get creative and unique by creating your very own art tools from nature

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Online Courses

Let's keep in touch

From time to time, I would love to send you an email to check in with you, see how you are and let you know about any new and exciting classes I'm offering.

Earth Inspired Art

We live on this wonderful Earth that we call home.

Creating Unique and Bespoke Art for your Home for a Lifetime

Creating art for Your home

To Treasure for a Lifetime

What does Art mean to you?Doulene
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